F-3 Cartidge Type Deioniser

The patented F-3 cartridge type deioniser is the most convenient, small-sized, portable ion exchange water deioniser, which enables the user to obtain water typically lower in coonductivity and total disolved solids (TDS) than distilled water, and which dispenses wholly with the troublesome procedure of resin generation.


  • Rigid and rugged PVC construction
  • No electricity required
  • Standardised unit eliminating expensive installation and start-up costs
  • Wall mountable or free standing
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use
  • Resin cartridge for easy resin replacement
  • Simple operation even for unskilled operators
  • Resists toughest work conditions
  • Up to 500 litres deionised water produced from Joburg water per resin cartridge

Fitted with our patented Water Monitor

  • Tests the purity of the water output
  • Enables instant quality check at all times
  • Dry cell battery operated
  • Red/ Green LED indicators are the standard by which the purity of the water is judged


  • Height : 650mm
  • Width : 170mm
  • Net Weight : 4Kg
  • Variable Flow Rate : up to 180 litres per hour
  • Resin Quality : 3 Litres
  • These specifications are approximate and are subject to change without notice

For use in

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Research Laboratories
  • Municipal and Mining Substations
  • Telecommunication Exchanges
  • Battery Depots
  • Service Stations
  • Electric Golf Carts and Forklifts
  • Any application where high quality deionised water is required